It has been little over a year since the launch of This EMPIRE…now for something completely different, well…not really.  Here is the holiday treat I mention last week.

Most bloggers during this week will be listing top moments of the year; well I am not yet up to par on doing the Year end recaps on all things geek. So I am going to present an illustration I did during my hiatus from comic strips.

During the gap between the finale of my first comic strip “The Mysterious Cellar Dweller” and now I still had that “drawing itch” (thank goodness) so during the holidays I would draw up greeting cards for friends and family.  The cards usually focus on the cast from The Mysterious Cellar Dweller, for example episode 10 panel 4 was based on one of those cards. Later on I introduced a character named “Orianna” whom I been tweaking on in various sketch books, napkins, walls… Shown above is one of my favorites.  Who’s this Orianna girl? Well I am not ready to divulge more about her, but I hope to be getting to her story someday.

Best wishes and a prosperous New Year.

Things on tap here for next year:

*Producing great stories, and great art

Looking forward to challenge; excited and terrified 🙂

Thank you for reading, and keep the comments coming. We’ll see you next year.