Coming out of one major deadline on a parallel world tripping over this one on this parallel world.  We’re currently shoveling through massive piles the pencil shavings, wiping up ink smears, trying to keep our eyes hydrated while staring at the only source of illumination in the studio (i.e. the computer, named HAL).  Making comics is so freaking cool 🙂

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Last I week I was singing the praises of Mark Waid and Stuart Immonen collaboration on Marvel Comics digital first platform.  So what next, launching May 1st by Mark Waid, John Rodgers a place to showcase other stories in through the digital medium.  The announcement came from last weekend’s Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo (C2E2).

Full audio about this story at the following link:  The Trillbent announcement: audio

Many thanks for Mark Waid for sharing his experiences on this new venture at markwaid(dot)com.  By the way you have been keeping up with Webcomics, “one of the most helpful and supportive forums for creative people on the Web.”  Oh I missed their antics (i.e. thoughtful commentary) of their Webcomics Weekly podcast. 

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.