Niall Keating the wolf-in-gentleman’s-clothing is characterized as a self-absorbed womanizer, opportunistic with no qualms about using people to get what he wants. He’s charismatic has a successful life however his past is shadowy on how this came to be.  He’s the upstart, a cad, driven, the guy some envy and some want to be. While some want see him fail miserably. Secretly he has been admitting that he wants to be a different kind of person than he is.  A unique opportunity presents itself; taking in his displaced childhood friend.




Jamal Watson has often been characterized as the boy next door.  Wholesome, unassuming, the typical nice guy, or “dogged nice guy” in some instances.  In both his professional and personal life this seems be placing him always in the runner up category. Currently in a transitional period he is searching for something.  Maybe in this new city, and an old friend will give him the preverbal slap upside the head to find out what he wants out of life, and go after it.