To be decided, what Jamal is about to embark on could go either way of pro bono or gratis opportunities.

Pro bono services are highlighted in The Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, an architecture’s version of the Hippocratic Oath.

Ethical Standard 2.2 Public Interest Services: Members should render public interest professional services, including pro bono services, and encourage their employees to render such services. Pro bono services are those rendered without expecting compensation, including those rendered for indigent persons, after disasters, or in other emergencies.

“Nonetheless, architects have the opportunity—and the obligation—to do good, to volunteer, to provide pro bono services, to contribute to the commonweal. It comes with the job.”

Ned Cramer, Editor ARCHITECT

There is a program to encourage pro bono services by architects and designers, The 1% pro bono design.  It will remains to be seen what road this project will take for Jamal, and Raqel.

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