In between regular postings here is a preview of the next comic.  Where am I? Working on a deadline on parallel not to far removed from our own. 

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Earlier this week some unexpected passings had occurred.  They created for me some very fond memories through visual narrative spectacles, and uproariously laughter.  Thank you.  My sincere sympathy to your families.



NPR – The Adrenalized Action And Cult Films Of Tony Scott

By Neda Ulaby

“When people talk about Tony Scott’s movies, the same words often come up: stylish, exuberant and kinetic. “

NPR – Comedy’s Self-Deprecating Pioneer Phyllis Diller Dies

By Elizabeth Blair

“Look at all the old comics who live to be 100,” she said. “I can name two: George Burns, Bob Hope. Milton Berle [was] 96. What do you think keeps them alive? Laughter, comedy, the light touch, seeing the funny in [everything].”