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Minor quibbles…

February 2′s Doonesbury poses the question, “What happens to comics if newspapers go away?” – Jamie Noguchi

Then the internets blew-up 🙂 Did Gary meant this as a slight to online comics or was this over action to Doonesbury by online cartoonists? 

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*Comic Alliance –  ‘Doonesbury’ Mourns The Death Of Print, Is Promptly Clowned By Webcomics Community

*Fantastic Realities Art –  Artz Pushb4ck

*Daily Cartoonist – Gary Trudeau urgers ‘Stick With Print’; Webcartoonists react

*Adam the Alien (Adam J. Manley) – #@*$^, Trudeau” meme

Kickstarter is b-a-nan-a-s

Sometime ago I mention Chloé C crowd funding project for Hiveworks Comics “Go Get A Roomie Book One” well it did exceptionally well. 

Launched: Jan 6, 2013

Funding ended: February 6, 2013

2,469 Backers  $94,502 Pledged of $20,000 Goal

This project is in good company of most funded comic projects rating at No.16 on Kickstarter.

Go Get a Roomie!

*Please note not safe for work viewing

Milestone – 10 Years later 

On February 10th, 2003, I posted a shitty little comic to a shitty little website.

10 years, 3104 Daily Strips, 223 Beginnings Strip, 18 Books, 14 Site re-designs, 2 slogans and a supportive readership I never would’ve thought existed.

And here we are. 10 years later… 

Ryan Sohmer

…More at Least I Could Do

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