The slow climb continues to get This EMPIRE back on schedule. Navigation through the comic pages seems to be up to date.  If there is any problems let me know.

Above is the initial story board / thumbnail process I go into when making a comic.  I kept tweaking panel 3 in next two layouts working on the character’s expression for that scene.

Below is what coming up when the last 3 parts of “World’s Collide” finally wraps up.  Pardon the wait on new comics.

Unabashed plug time

Meredith Gran the amazing author of Octopus Pie has recently release her first collection of strips from her wonderful comic.  It nearing the end of  the initial 8-week sales period, and those numbers mean a whole lot towards getting future books made this way.

Yes I have my copy; it was kind of the personal treat after a long strange turn of events in a not-too-distant parallel world.  Which is now taking even further twists and turns.

Oh My.

Laugh out loud moment

Questionable Contentthe last panel with the Pintsize remarks made my day.

Thank you for reading.