In between regular postings here is a preview of the next comic. The working title for this latest jaunt is “One night with other friends.”  Just another night in the city with Niall and Jamal, well maybe.

Elsewhere as I made a trek to my local comic shop the event of DC’s marketing imitative “The New 52” is still being felt.  They were able to bring in new subscribers, and got some disgruntle subscribers 😉 back into the mix. Good business for store, good things for comics.  So new number ones from DC Comics, a restart for some Marvel Comics. Then I spotted issue 175 of Erik Larsen‘s Savage Dragon.   

Here is an excerpt:

In 1992, seeking greater control and profit over the work they created, Larsen and six other illustrators left Marvel to form Image Comics, where Larsen launched a series featuring a reworked version of Savage Dragon. This time, the Dragon was a massively muscled green amnesiac, who joined the Chicago police department after being discovered in a burning field. Initially debuting in a three-issue miniseries, the series met with enough success to justify a monthly series, launched in 1993. To this day, Larsen continues to write and illustrate the series entirely by himself, and has maintained a reasonably consistent monthly schedule (save for occasional lapses) in comparison with the other original Image Comics titles.  Larsen has occasionally produced ancillary mini-series, and sometimes allowed other creators to produce stories featuring the Dragon or other characters from the series.

Source: Erik Larsen – Wikipedia

Above:  1992 Savage Dragon mini-series.
I came upon the work of Erik Larsen during his run of Amazing Spider-Man (1963) #342 when Peter Parker tries to be normal it was part two of a three part story (please note: any issue could be someone’s 1st issue) which lead me to picking the book up a regular basis, and plenty other comic books.  One story in particular  was him writing and drawing a  Revenge of the Sinister Six  story line that ran through Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #18 – 23.

I even attempted to draw the cover to issue 18 like Erik see image at left.  I did this a lot with my comics trying to learn how to draw.  Please don’t try this technique, learn the basics first 🙂









Above: 1991 DGC’s attempt at Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #18 – note lacking any backgrounds 😉
I read Dragon for good number of years, there was always a sincere effort of fun and unpredictability with the stories.  Things did change for me in my frequent buying habits, but I do check back now and again. If I may check out the collections, and trade paperbacks of the Savage Dragon it’s a fun comic.  Congratulations Erik for reaching this milestone, I am curious to see what you have plan next for Savage Dragon.

Above: 2011 Savage Dragon issue 175

Thank you for reading, back to making comics