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Today’s update will be postpone maybe I will be able to post the comic later in the week. Pardon these interruptions with This EMPIRE.  The above preview features Niall, and Jamal visiting one the various social hot spots of the city.

ITEM: This July will see the release of the final volume for the anthology series “Flight” edited by Kazu Kibuishi.  This comic anthology series showcase various artists and writers.

Contributors for Volume 8:

JP Ahonen
Matthew Armstrong
Jason Caffoe
Scott Campbell
Tony Cliff
Cory Godbey
Der-shing Helmer
Kostas Kiriakakis
Nicholas Kole
Sonny Liew
Leland Myrick
Jake Parker
Katie Shanahan
Steven Shanahan
Kean Soo
Kyla Vanderklugt
Dermot Walshe

Over on Comic Book Resources, staff writer Alex Duebuen interviewed Kazu about the final volume, KAZU KIBUISIHI TAKES A FINAL “FLIGHT”

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