“And then the Internet exploded.”    If you haven’t heard this September 2011 DC universe will be relaunch DCnU a reboot (for some), revamp (for others), and some will just start with a brand spanking new #1 issue. Jamal’s dialogue was pretty much what was pulled from various news post on this recent announcement.

I momentary, no I kind of  freaked out  :[  When my favorite comic book, TV show gets cancel due to a lack of audience well it’s okay (hell no, the general public didn’t understand true greatness!!!).

30 Rock: “Let’s Stay Together”

Tracy: I personally love cop shows. I can’t wait for Law and Order to start back up…Why? It was a tent pole! A tent pole! 

I constantly check the news feeds (really funny, huh?) morning and the evening waiting for the page to refresh with anything to quell my fears (that’s so sad). Upon Wednesday I stop by my local Comic book shop Foundation’s Edge. The salesperson was quite ambical with me blabbing on, and on about the “reboot that isn’t a reboot.”  Thank you Foundation’s Edge.

52 titles will be debut in September from the main line of comics from DC.  Here are several new sites on the topic this past month:

According to Bleeding Cool (– Thanks Rich Johnston) On what I need to get my hands on;“There is a document in the DC offices that fleshes out exactly what has and hasn’t happened in the New 52 Universe.”
***Please loyal readers find me this document 🙂  In the end this change can be good thing to bring new readers young, and old.  Broaden the audience that you see in other countries, that only have niches here.  Jill Pantozzi, Newsarama Contributor “Change needs to happen.”  
*In memoriam Gene Colan 1926-2011