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This post above is another of  the thumbnail comics I posted a couple weeks ago. The first of four is currently in production I did not want to show the artwork of it at this time. Yeah comics everyone now back work 🙂

Just bear with me one more mention about the recent release of a Superman film. This will be last one but I can’t make any promises 🙂

Man of Steel 2013

Action | Adventure | Fantasy

“Production” Budget:  $225,000,000 (estimated)

Opening Weekend:  $116,619,362 (USA) (14 June 2013)

Gross:  $251,621,616 (USA) (1 July 2013)

Worldwide: $523,321,616

Great googly moogly I do get a bit “into” these tidbits of information regarding the business of entertainment. By the way did you know even though listed above is the production budget of the film this does not reflect their advertising budget or other expenditures

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This marks the 75th anniversary of the character who more or less had some distinct phases during golden, silver, bronze, modern age of comics, well the American side of things. Along the way there has been a lot interesting stories.

“10 Creators Who Made SUPERMAN Truly Super”

By George Marston, Newsarama Contributor

“With 75 years of stories under his belt and Man of Steel now in theaters, it’s an ideal time to again take a look at some of those creators who have contributed the most to what we think of when we think of Superman and his world.”

Be sure to check the comments page there are some interesting points made about some creator who were left off this one.

TEMPORARY MADNESS: The Dystopian “Man of Steel”

By Steven Grant, Columnist Comic Book Resources

“Recently, science fiction writer Neal Stephenson, author of encyclopedic novels like “Snow Crash” and “Cryptonomicon,”issued what amounts to a manifesto, calling on writers (presumably in assorted media) to abandon dystopias & return science fiction to its initial role as a positive influence on the world.”

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.