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Today another process post which further develops one of the thumbnails, comic 83, from last week. Pardon me I got just a little over excited with the title of the post. Sharing the topic of table reads to some seems a standard (boring)  fair. But to me it would be interesting to see a cast take their first run through the script with everyone on board reading through their parts. 

Bear with me here are some shots of table reads (oh boy) 😀

 Arrow (TV Series 2012 – )  Community (TV Series 2009 – 2014?)*1  Misfits (TV Series 2009 – 2013)   Scrubs (TV Series 2001 – 2010)
 Vampire Diaries (TV Series 2009 – )   Star Wars: Episode VII (2015)  Star Wars: Episode VII (Bonus image)

*1 Yeah!!! Community is coming back for a sixth season on Yahoo TV. Wait-a-second what’s Yahoo TV?

Oh by the way, greetings from San Diego Comic Convention. Just kidding I am not there aren’t I a stinker actually  I am just a little green with envy of those who get to attend. So if I don’t get any pictures you didn’t attend (subtle hint) 🙂 Bonus if you get audio commentary just as fellow sketch jam attendee Toddy-J from the guys of 11 o’clock comics wrap-up of this years’ Heroes Convention.

San Diego Comic Convention is happening this week July 24th – July 27th. Today July 23rd is preview night for badge wearers. This show is insanely huge bearing some valid applause and criticisms. I am curious who’s going to come out on top with the biggest news.


No I am not playing favorites but Marvel’s publicity department brought a smile to my face with the image above in the latest issue of Entertainment Weekly

Reading is fundamental

In the past weeks a couple of authors have release some books maybe you could try a read.

Brian Michael Bendis, Word for Pictures

“Words for pictures is not a how to write like ME book in the traditional sense.

 “It is me being your verbose guide to the process of how comics are made and why,  or why comics should be made and then I am your host as I introduce you to many other creators and we get a peek into their philosophy at their work habits” – BENDIS!

Brian Lee O’Malley, “Seconds

“The highly anticipated new standalone full-color graphic novel from Bryan Lee O’Malley, author and artist of the hugely bestselling Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series” – Random House

In Memoriam, “into memory”


James Garner (1928 – 2014) Actor | Producer

Thank goodness to a local station programming schedule I had to chance to watch in syndication two of his television series Maverick (TV Series 1957 – 1962) and The Rockford Files (1974 – 1980). He also had memorable roles on the film screen which you can learn more about at IMDb.

Tommy Ramone (1952 – 2014) Musician | Record Producer 

The last surviving member of The Ramones original line up recently passed on. Sometime in the next couple of weeks Sound Opinions will be doing a special about his career be sure to take a listen. 

Elaine Stritch (1925–2014) Actress

I came late to knowing the career of Ms. Stritch I enjoyed her immensely as mother of Alec Bladwin character Jack Donnelly on 30 Rock .

He did an interview with Elaine about her career on his radio programHere’s the thing,” it was an interesting segment.

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.



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