Late post for Wednesday, but it’s still Wednesday for about 30 minutes. Pardon for the mishap last week; no strip, no sketch, no vignette. The strip above is what in works for episode 30.  After the infrequency in my updates on the last story, I will be sure mix up some all-in-strips, and long form arcs touching upon broad themes, absurdity grounded, etc.  Seems to be a tall order for This EMPIRE, optimistically the comic will be a flexible universe which would allow this to happen.

Not the way I wanted to start Year Two for This EMPIRE. In an ideal world we would be reminiscing over the 50 comics in the archive, the epic story arcs, and the quiet moments.  Right now a total of 29 comics to date… no this is not me whining.  I am okay with how things are going; I am not just going to settle on the current quality, and frequency of the comic.  This has been one of those “learning on the job” experiences; there is always room growth and development along the way.

By the way if you’re in the New England area, stop by the New England Web Comics Weekend.  I will be sure to make it out there one day.

Thanks for reading, and keep the comments coming.