Happy New Year!

Posted above is a preview for the episode 32, things got push back a bit for posting a new comic.  Parallel world hi-jinks kept me from finishing up this strip in a proper manner.

Have you heard there a The Green Hornet film coming out with Seth Rogen playing Britt Reid/The Green Hornet?  He co-wrote the film with his writer partner of film and television Evan Goldberg.  The film has even Michel Gondry directing the film.

But still part of me wanted to think horrible things… horrible, horrible things

This project to my understanding has been plague with many problems to get the project off the ground check out these articles from IGN Filmforce.  The release date is fast approaching here are several trailers for the film.  Watching these trailers, reading up on the development of the film had me excited, yeah, excited. So this is my first shameless plug of The New Year 🙂

Release date 10-01-14, I will be there trying to contain my Fanboy glee. Good luck to the cast and crew.

Thank you for reading, and keep the comments coming.