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Yes, please stay tune. Several things piled up all over me.

STRIPPED: The Comics Documentary

Documentary | Comedy | History

stripped-2014Released 1 April 2014 (USA)

The project has been available for download from iTunes as of April 1st, be sure to check out this wonderful film documenting the “ordinary lives” of 60 70 90 cartoonists talking about their love for cartooning and it’s ever-changing environment. The film is by Dave Kellett, Fred Schroeder which came about through an ambitious Kickstarter campaign.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Action | Adventure | Science Fiction

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

Coming soon to theaters 4 April 2014 (USA)

There once was a saying the summer movie season starts in May running through August, well it looks like every week and/or month is now in play for good films, okay some might be awful. This could be big budget spectacles or small budget films, maybe even those micro-budget films.

The above image is concept art from Ryan Meinerding, a character designer and entertainment artist. Currently he heads Marvel Studios Visual Development.

By the way it’s a Marvel Studios film you know you should stay till the end of the credits.


Aw shucks, photographs like the one shown above always get to me.

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