Comic preview of things to come.  Soon.  I had several ideas for a yesteryear comic to be in it’s place but miss my deadline.  Plus I missed last week’s update so things need to keep moving.  Pardon the delay interesting after-school projects are on the horizon, and I have been trying to understand the the ethical problems in cloning myself.  All I could see are the advantages, no moral dilemma in any of the scenarios I ran through.  Oh yes, me…in…total…denial 🙂

By the way the print edition of Faith Erin Hicks’ “Friends with Boys” are in your local book stores, and comic book stores.  Or even in your local library if you put in a request for the book  (hint, hint).  I truly enjoyed the online version of the story and I had to purchased the print version.  What an excellent read.

Friends With Boys

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.