In between regular postings of This EMPIRE are “yesteryear” strips and sketches. 

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Sigh… comics (yes plural) are in the works, see above, thumbnails of the next three comics. Several pages of notes, sketches are sprawl all over my bedsitter  studio flat  for upcoming stories. Which makes my place not an ideal place for social gatherings but just right for making comics. Yeah comics! I apologized for the lateness hopefully these previews tides things over until the next post. Thank you for reading.

*Kickstarter is b-a-nan-a-s!


Danielle Corsetto is celebrating ten years of her online comic Girls with Slingshots with across the country road trip.

Funded! This project was successfully funded on June 20.

1,213 Backers | $36,676 pledged of $10,000 goal. 0 days to go. So I guess I might do a road trip to Comic Envy in Asheville since that will be her only stop in North Carolina. Yeah road trip, yeah comics!


Actor LeVar Burton is working with Reading Rainbow to bring it’s library of interactive books and video field trips to more platforms & provide free access to classrooms in need. 

Funded! This project was successfully funded six days ago.

105,857 Backers | $5,408,916 pledged of $100,000,000 goal. 0 days to go Please note I just had to use his picture from the first season of Reading Rainbow (1983). Another interesting note, one of its stretch goals was reaching 5 million since they accomplish that goal Seth MacFarlane donated another 1 million. Bring the total to $6,408,916 amazing.

Other recent success stories, Erika Moen.

In other works actor Don Cheadle is trying a crowd funding project for his biopic of Miles Davis using the services of Indiegogo. Hopefully this initiative pulls through there is about 50 hours left at the the time of this writing. 

Funders 1,618  $279,669 USD RAISED OF $325,000 GOAL

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.



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