It continues just another night in the city with Niall and Jamal.

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No Friday is not the new “Wednesday.” I hope everyone had a good, safe start to the New Year.

Welcome to the first comic of the New Year.  Niall is in rare form this evening or is this just another side we haven’t seen before? This was a slightly problematic strip all round I feel I need to re-adjust some things from writing, drawing, and pacing. Especially the panel 5, it look cool as thumbnail but in the final not too well. If you come back to this strip in the near future it’s a good bet that strip might look radically different.  Growing pains.  Another is Niall characterization, sometimes I find myself saying “Niall what the hell, this so not like you.” But maybe it is? Hey it’s only the 50th comic there is going to be a lot more development on the way.

Below a little treat for comic 50, a group picture of Jamal, Niall, Cellar Dweller, Tyrone, and some of their childhood friends.  There are times when I cringe when I see my old artwork, but this one brings back some fond memories.

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.