There seem to be an error in the strip upload today.  It has been posted, but something went awry. Pardon the inconvenience. Yeah, I am pretty spook about it.



Um yeah, nothing last week, comic, post, or even a sketch. Pardon the delay, I had a last minute fire to put out.  On with show, who’s that girl? With one more strip to go in the World’s Collidestory arc hopefully things are getting a little clearer, with this dramedy (i.e. comedy-drama).

Hello Nurse,” come on guys surely you remember this character by the cartoon show Animaniacs. Wacko Warner even had a song to go with it.

In memoriam WILDSTORM

This started out as a company / studio in 1992 by Jim Lee when he and several Marvel artists went to form Image Comics.  Later on WildStorm became an imprint of DC Comics in 1999.

There was great stuff from Jim’s corner of  the universe.  I was take a bit back when he went to DC Comics 1999.  At that time the current marketplace made it a win, win for all parties to my understanding. Given the current soft marketplace they felt the characters “needed a little rest.”

Here are some interesting articles on the imprint folding.

Grumpy Old Fan | A different look at DC Comics’ solicitations for December 2010


Generation WildStorm: Growing Up in Jim Lee’s Universe


Warren Ellis, Other Creators React to WILDSTORM’s End

I hope for the best for the people at WildStorm. Thank you for the good stories.