Pardon the no-show last week, and nothing to tide you over till the next update.  This week could have been another, but thanks to the remote possibilities of posting web comics it did not happen.  Please, please always back up your computer.

Today’s comic is another peek into the past of Jamal and Niall; an interesting take on spending some quality time with one’s siblings.  As I mention before in my previous comic The Mysterious Cellar Dweller readers only saw Jamal’s younger brother Tyrone.  The intent was for a third, older sister “Elsie” to be also featured in the cast.  I wasn’t able to expand the comic as I wanted back during my university days (i.e comic strip growing pains).  Hopefully I will be able to accomplish a lot more with This EMPIRE. Panel three is based on unreleased artwork for The Mysterious Cellar Dweller.

Thank you for reading.