Oh the many dates we go through to find that “special someone.”  Well in this case Jamal search is a new workplace using informational interviewing to meet up with other professionals in his industry.  In these settings it gives one the opportunity to gain insight into a particular workplace or research about one’s career.

“The best way to learn what you really want in a career is to talk with the people in that career field. Because of the exploratory nature of informational interviews, they are particularly effective for those, such as college students, who are just embarking on their careers. They are also an excellent tool for career-changers who want to find out what’s involved in the career they are considering entering. Even for those who don’t wish to change careers but do want to change jobs, informational interviews can be a helpful way of discovering what working for other companies would be like.”

Source: Quintessetial Careers, Informational Interviewing Tutorial.

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