[Update] the new strip is underway but will not be posted today.  Above is a panel of the forthcoming strip hopefully this will get you curious and hold you over.  Meanwhile I will be working feverishly to it get online.

Recent news:

Free Comic Book Day 2011

I heard great things about last weekend’s annual event (now it’s 10th year) I hope you made it out brought some friends and children. Only 360 days left to the next one 🙂 Here are some pictures of the event from flicker.

Adam Hughes Ceases Convention Commissions

This had me so frustrated, if you ever go to a convention, get that rare opportunity to have your favorite artist do a sketch be upfront about how you intend to use it.  Especially a great guy like Adam Hughes, I seen him at the Heroes Convention with lines that stretches forever, but he somehow he takes time to thank the fans, sign comics, and still do sketches. You get to watch him work live, not online.  Share a joke or two.

Here is an excerpt from the link above:

Thank the piece of shit that moaned and practically wept about needing his Wonder Woman sketch, and today it’s on eBay.

Here’s how things will work going forward. Adam was only able to get 3 sketches done this past weekend- and was was for the S.O.B. that turned around and eBayed it. So now Adam will eBay one sketch per convention day. If its a 2-day show, there will be 2 auctions. 3-day show, there will be three auctions. No more $200 and $400 sketches. Sorry. But if Adam has to kill himself drawing so that some lying slime ball can go home and make a profit off of his hard work, then forget it.

—Check out the rest of article at Bleeding Cool

Well back to work on the comic, a post could happen at the end of the week or next Wednesday.

Thank you for reading.