Niall’s verison of downtime (one of many) took much longer than expected.  One of the trouble spots (i.e. learning experiences) was my suppose “rating” of the comic strip.  If the comic was movie it lies around the PG 13 or in television TV 14  rating (it could slide to due to language).  I kept over thinking it which left me not posting anything last week.  In it’s absence I should have post another preview.  I remember a similar post on this at the Yellow Peril by Jamie Noguchi (wonderful comic by the way… check it out) I like the ways he is handling it.

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day now in it’s 9th year it’s a promotional effort to get new readers to visit local comic book stores.

“Free Comic Book Day is a single day – the first Saturday in May each year – when participating comic book shops across North America and around the world give away comic books absolutely FREE* to anyone who comes into their stores.”

Source: Free Comic Book Day

“It has often been tied to the release of a major theatrical film adaptation of a well known superhero property, in order to take advantage of the film’s heavy promotion and related press about the comic book medium.”

Source: Wikipedia – Free Comic Book Day

The film in this case is Thor which opens wide on May 6th. Am I excited, oh yeah, oh freaking hell yeah.  I will do my best to contain myself at the theater trying not to geek out too bad.  So all apologies to any one sitting next to me 😉

By the way have you see the parody of the Star Wars Volkswagon commercial from the Superbowl this year?

Little Thor

If you are in the Toronto area you should take a day and visit the The Toronto Comic Arts Festival.

“The Toronto Comic Arts Festival exists to promote the breadth and diversity of comics, and what is considered comics, as legitimate medium of literary and artistic worth.”

Saturday May 7th, 9am-5pm
Sunday May 8th, 11am-5pm

Comic update, a blog post, I am doing something pretty amazing?  Wait-a-second I need to get back to making more comics. On time, well written and drawn 🙂

Thank you for reading.