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“Niall’s work tends to get a bit complicated from time to time.”

Boy does it ever. 

In memoriam…

In the past few weeks of the new year some very talented people left us. Thank for your work.


Morris “Morrie” Turner was a black-American syndicated cartoonist, creator of the strip Wee Pals. Turner was the first nationally syndicated African-American cartoonist.

“It was Morrie’s intention to portray a world without prejudice, a world in which people’s differences — race, religion, gender, and physical and mental ability — are cherished, not scorned.”


“Pete Seeger was a lanky banjo player who showed up at every rally, every singalong, every town meeting, for as long as anyone could remember. He came singing songs of dissent; songs that helped to find the courage to change.”

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“Like any job,” he told Fresh Air’s Terry Gross in 2008, it could be exhausting. In our day to day lives, “we’re not too introspective,” he said. “We don’t walk around our lives just constantly trying to delve into the understanding of ourselves unless you’re in therapy or something. But that’s what actors do, you know? We really explore ourselves and other people.”

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Thank you for reading, back to making comics.