Re-post something went awry with Wednesday post, so I had to scrap it.  Here is our intended broadcast.

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“Brutal” that was the comment from one when I showed the current comic in development at last week’s Raleigh Sketch Jam.  Niall’s work tends to get a little complicate from time to time.

*Plug:  Derek Kirk Kim Mythomania” 

One of my favorite cartoonist Derek Kirk Kim launch his web series Mythomania in July 2011. The series is a spin off his current project Tune.  Mythomania and Tune are alternate timelines that stem from the same story. Both stories share the same characters but they go down different paths after college in each series. Mythomania doe not have the science fiction elements of Tune.

The first season of Mythomania is a 9-part story arc, so far four episodes have been posted.  Plus the first episode has a cameo by Scott McCloud, playing himself 🙂  I have been very intrigue on how the two stories are developing, give both a chance I am sure you will enjoy it.

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.