In between regular postings of This EMPIRE are “yesteryear” strips.  These segments will hopefully provide some interesting vignettes into Niall and Jamal’s past.

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Okay, I have been really digging doing these yesteryear stories so two more to close out 2012.  This one features Cellar Dweller, Niall, Jamal partaking in one of Niall’s favorite activities frequenting record stores to find music.  It didn’t matter the genre, it had to be good. Well this was back then, it remains to be seen what’s going on now with Niall.  

I have yet to haggle over a purchase of an album, but I have spent plenty of time frequently some amazing record stores in my area; Schoolkids, Offbeat Music, Bull City Records, CD Alley.  Thank you for the many suggestions adding to my crates 🙂

The comic above is base off the cover of American hip hop artist DJ Shadow’s, real name  Joshua Paul, 1996 debut album Endtroducing….. This album is still in rotation on my playlist, also this album lead me to discover several other artists who Shadow often work with such as the hip hop collective Quannum Projects formerly Solesides.

NPR’s All Things Consider, “DJ Shadow On Sampling As A ‘Collage Of Mistakes”

“In 1996, a 24-year-old from the suburbs of San Francisco released a hip-hop record that changed perceptions not only of hip-hop, but also recorded music at large.  Endtroducing….., the full-length debut of the producer DJ Shadow, was constructed almost entirely from samples of pre-existing recordings and was perhaps the first such album to reach a wide audience.” – by NPR STAFF

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Record store gift guides from the experts! “FIVE THINGS TO BUY AT A RECORD STORE THAT ARE PERFECT FOR…”

“Record stores, as you might imagine, are a pretty fun place to work. And you get to know a lot about people and their tastes when you do. Record stores are also one of the best places IN THE WORLD to do your holiday shopping, because they are pretty much filled with things people are going to love—music, movies, games, books, clothing, accessories, toys, and things that just don’t fit into a category. This year, we’re asking record store employees to tell you the things that are PERFECT for the people on your list.”

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