Okay Wednesday was about 5 minutes ago, my weekly comic romance continues 🙂

This pretty much wraps up the latest story arc “One night with other friends”  in which it turns into a not so ordinary night for Jamal and Niall out in the city.  Hope you enjoy feel free to comment.  Many thanks to the attendees of The Raleigh Sketch Jam (BOMB!!!) for the editorial review of the comic it was much appreciated.  “The devil in the details.”

The comic also lend itself to a flash back sequence to my other comic The Mysterious Cellar Dweller which was done during my days at university.  When the comic was originally publish it manage to get some quite unexpected feedback.  Two of my professors commented how much the enjoy the strip.  Leaving me pretty much confused, and extremely excited.  One of the professors was one my toughest critics on my design projects.  There were some brutal reviews with him, but I will always appreciate how he push me to do better.

“Wait they read the student newspaper?” “Wait they read the comic’s page?”  Whoa they read my comic, and enjoyed it?” That Wednesday was a mind blowing event.   Feel free to click on the the comic below.


Thank you for reading, back to making comics.