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Saturday cure-all funnies correction dramedies to go with one’s weekend warrior exploits.  Egads, I did not mean the celebration of another year for This EMPIRE to drag on.  One of my goals this coming year was to work on a bigger canvas which led to some awkward growth spurts in character designs and storytelling.  Thank you for reading stay tune the adventure continues 🙂

You must watch this – MYTHOMANIA Season 2

Mythomania is a comedic drama about a group of aspiring cartoonists.

Written and directed by Derek Kirk Kim.

Another way to experience this story, well actually a parallel version is through the online comic.  You can now read all of Book 1 and 2 of TUNE in their entirety for free at


You can purchase Tune: Vanishing Point

Book Description

Andy’s life is going nowhere, fast. He left art school with his career all worked out ahead of time, but …to say it didn’t work out is the understatement of the century. Unemployed and living with his overbearing parents, Andy struggles to keep sight of the lofty goals that once drove him. But it’s hard, even when he reconnects with his old art school crush, Yumi.
Things look better, briefly, with Yumi back in the picture and an actual job offer on the table. But then Andy takes the job offer–to work at a zoo–and finds himself in an alternate dimension. The zoo? Is run by aliens. The exhibit? Is him.
Derek Kirk Kim is back with an offbeat, poignant new project. The first volume of a series, Tune is a science fiction comedy, but it’s also a smart and affectionate examination of human nature.

Thank you again for reading, back to making comics.