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In between regular postings of This EMPIRE are “yesteryear” strips.  These segments will hopefully provide some interesting vignettes into Niall and Jamal past.

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Pardon the extended break I wasn’t able to tell you dear readers how things will be shaping up here on This EMPIRE with the end year turnover. My computer system experience an unexpected crash which put a lot things (well me) into a slightly epic freak out. So a new is post finally up, let’s get back to making comics. I hope you had a safe and pleasant holiday.

Sir Run Run Shaw 1907 – 2014

Without him, "we wouldn't have Chow Yun-Fat today, we wouldn't have Andy Lau today," said James Marsh, a freelance film critic based inMr Shaw, who was honoured by Queen Elizabeth II in 1974, was also a philanthropist and founder of the Shaw Prizes, which mark achievements in the sciences in Asia.

“He was the father, or rather grandfather, or really great-grandfather of Hong Kong cinema. He was Run Run Shaw.”

“Pioneering Hong Kong movie producer Run Run Shaw has died. His studio popularized the kung fu genre that influenced Quentin Tarantino and other Hollywood directors. He was 106.”

I first experience the Shaw Brothers Studio films through a local TV station’s weekly program, “Black Belt Theater.” You could call it one of those key moments where I was stepping into the world of geeks. If you have a opportunity to check out their work please do. Maybe we could do a viewing party of their “classic” films.

Thank you for your wonderful work Mr. Shaw.

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