Later in the day than expect, but the strip is up. This EMPIRE does go down nice with the morning coffee and donuts. Calling Trey Trent my “crack dealer” does have certain enthusiasm in it. Come on comic books (sequential story telling, words & pictures) “OMG THIS IS LIKE A CRACK ADDICTION”

“Comics Rule Everything Around Me”

Quote courtesy of Becky Cloonan; her recent works are artist on DEMO Volume II with writer Brian Wood, and the web comic K.G.B. with Hwan Cho.

Scott Pilgrim movie trailer #2 release date August 13, 2010

Hopefully this will give you the viewers more knowledge about a great story that is wrapping up on 7/20 before the movie hits.

Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press graphic novels)

Edgar Wright (Director, co-writer for the screenplay)

Heroes Convention 2010 June 4th – 6th

Spoon!!!!  Heroes’ convention is this weekend. In my relative short existence this has been the only comic book + random goodness convention I ever been to… For shame I know, I have a much skewed perspective (i.e. limited view) on conventions with the many others stretched across the States, and overseas.

But this will always hold special place for me, *sniff* shed a single tear :’-(.  Shelton Drum and the staff put on an amazing show achem, “my skew perspective.”

Will I be there, I really don’t know, I haven’t been in several years due things always went awry when I wanted to go. But please check out the Indie Island many, many talented people will be presenting their work.

By the way Daniel Lecky will be walking around with a book he’s putting together with some others. How to spot Daniel Lecky?  I know I know it’s the blurred War Machine costume, but maybe he will suit up again for the convention. Yes he made his own War Machine costume.

Perchance if you spot this geek there, say hello, I don’t bite, but I might get overly excited if you tell me you read This EMPIRE.

Thank you for reading.