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Egads! The dreaded fail whale has appeared. 

Pardon the no show this momentarily lapsed in making comics is on me, yes as it happens on twitter I am a bit over tax at the moment. Hope to get things back on track later this week or the next week. STAY TUNE 🙂

Yes this isn’t exactly the image display on various screens when twitter is overloaded. This one comes from Digital Artist / Hobbyist Kuni (ka-92 on deviantART). Please check out their gallery on deviantART it has some wonderful work. 

Some interesting things about the fail whale the image was design by Yiying Liu for a entirely different purpose. 

Lifting A Dreamer (aka. Twitter Fail Whale)

This piece that would eventually become the Twitter ‘Fail Whale’ was originally called ‘Lifting a Dreamer’, and was a personal work – a visual greeting to my friends overseas.

Excerpt – ‘Lifting a Dreamer’ originally featured an Elephant, drawn with pencil! I wanted to create a visual greeting – a visual ‘comfort’ for my friends back home for all the events that I was missing! I also included this image on my website’s homepage, and I would use MSN to send it to friends and family when I could not attend their birthdays and graduations and parties.  I had this giant wish that is so heavy (the elephant), and the birds represented free spirits and good wishes. My favorite artists at the time were Salvador Dalí and René Magritte, along with Japanese and Chinese comics, and this was how I pictured delivering my good wishes to the people that I loved who were far away.

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Thank you for reading, back to making comics.