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Pardon another blog post without a comic, but its a status update. I am putting together new systems so new comics should be ready to go in 1 to 2 weeks. The lapse in posting comic, sketches, something has been a bit unnerving. Thank you for your patience. 

Kickstarter is just ba-na-nas

Ananth“Only one week to go on the Kickstarter!” The project, “Cuttings” is a  hardcover collection that includes color fiction Johnny Wander shorts & never before seen art from Yuko Ota!

This project will be funded on 

972 Backers | $51,873 pledged of $15,000 goal.

Danielle Corestto, online comic Girls With Slingshots, is having a “extremely slow kickstart” 🙂 The intent of the Kickstarter is to raise funds for her coast to coast road trip of the United States of America to celebrate the 10th year of her wonderful comic. Stay tune I hope this is a successful campaign. 


The Little Boxes: Brian Michael Bendis at TEDxCLE

Brian Michael Bendis is a comic book writer who has won five Eisner Awards for both his creator-owned work and his work on various Marvel Comics books. 

Not too long ago, one of the most important writers to Marvel’s resurgence in mainstream comics gave a TED talk in his hometown of Cleveland. Titled “The Little Boxes,” Bendis spoke about working in comics and becoming a comic writer to the level that he is today. With a mix of advice that he gives regularly on Tumblr as well as what I assume is material from his upcoming book “Words for Pictures,” Bendis’ half-hour talk is certainly interesting and informative for those curious about him and his process. Who knows; you may even get inspired to go make a comic book. – Multiversity

“create boldly. create honestly”

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.



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