We all need it, a chance to get away to put things into a different perspective.  For Jamal skating is one of them. If you are looking for your own local skate park try here or here, and here.

Last week I forgot to mention Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art festival MoCCA in which it’s a  fundraiser and anniversary celebration for the MoCCA, it took place in New York City.  Maybe next year you can tour the event.

So this weekend is the 8th annual Stumptown Comic Festival in Portland Oregon.  Started 2004 it’s a festival with the creators as its focus, rather than dealers and work-for-hire publishers.  By the way Portland has been becoming the “stumping ground” (I couldn’t resist) for some impressive comic book, cartoonist and illustrators.

Another great thing going on this weekend is the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival a four-day, morning to midnight array of over 100 films as well as discussions, panels. Films start at 10:10am! Box Office opens at 8am. See you there!  Save me a sit.

Plus this weekend April 16th is Record Store Day 🙂 “squeal” a celebration of independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music. Be sure to use the store locator and check it out.  There’s 1001 reasons why we need these local [insert the shop of your choice] venues.  So how about you just drop in for a bit and browse the bins I am sure you will find so great music.

By the way “downtime” doesn’t mean no comics, because we all know “comics rule everything around me.”  Pardon the delay on posting Wednesday, but we ended the week with some good progress on This EMPIRE.

Thank you for reading