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October is Hail-This-EMPIRE  October 7, 2009 was the launch of the comic.  “So we continue forward working on drawing better, writing better. To tell better stories, making great comics”  :)  

The above image is from Patricia Morehead’s “Cityscape” (2004)

Regular readers will notice a slight change to the site, recent up grades to Comic Press now powered with Comic Easel is bringing this site to another level. Then there’s me, trial & errors, this will be work in process.

Where is the regular comic, well in two weeks… Pardon the delay I took extra time crafting the next tale. Then oh well random flux in multidimensional parallel worlds alas we had a perfect storm of deadlines.  The next batch should run smoothly then if there breaks yeah… in it’s place there will be yesteryear comics, sketches, previews

Local(ly) Man v. Liver 

Locals Paul Friedrich (Onion Head Monster), and Neil Hinson, drinking buddies put out a neat cartoon.

“A collaboration with Paul Friedrich, this twisted comic takes a ‘sobering’ look at the fun one can have with being out late, waking up groggy and generally impressing others while your liver begs you to stop making every hour a Happy Hour.”

– Neil Hinson

Continue reading… Man V. Liver

New Comic Wednesday

Amy Reeder and Brand Montclare’s Rocket Girl comes out today. From a modest Kickstarter campaign the story will run as a regular comic series.

“A teenage cop from a high-tech future is sent back to 1986. She’s investigating the Quintum Mechanics megacorporation for crimes against time. As she pieces together the clues, she discovers that the “future”—an alternate reality version of 2013 and the place she calls home—shouldn’t exist at all.”

Thank you for reading, through the missteps, stumbles, and sometimes falling on our face 🙂 Back to making comics



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