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A Tribe Called Quest – 1nce Again (1996)

Starting out the strip an amazing song by A Tribe Called Quest.  “This is the year that I come in and just devestate  My style is great ask your peoples can I dominate?”   – Phife Dawg

We are going into the third year of This EMPIRE, October 7, 2009 was the start of with it; “The Morning After.”  Still going with the same level of enthusiasm, commitment, just need to work on that frequency.  Thank you for reading This EMPIRE.


Niall’s comment about recess with the pale kids of room 51 is  referecence to a favorite animate series called Recess.  The episode Recess – Lord of the Nerds it’s one of many hilarious episodes from the series.

Lawson:  You-You Geek!

Tiny Sedgwick: You-You Geek!

Item: DC Comics

DC Comics The New 52 the company came out of it with record sales which even benefited their competitors, and pretty good business for my various local comic shops.  Jamal’s expression kind of show both sides of my reaction to the company’s initiative.  But some cases my reaction was similar to Prince’s expression (click on the image below).







Item: New York Comic Con

October 13 – 16 is the annual convention in New York. The last big on the season, but North Carolina is going to have a one  next month.  As always it’s a weekend to meet the industry’s professionals who put some out some amazing work.

Item: Marvel’s Avengers 

The Avengers (2012) trailer has been release, nice timing 😉 I hope you enjoy.  I always been fascinated by whole process, film making, from the story + screenplay +  production/financing + release.  This also coincides with my ongoing curiosity/development on a not-to-distant parallel world.  Yeah, I am geek 🙂

As I mention before the comic is running on a bi-weekly schedule (for now) with alternating weeks of sketches, blog posts.  If comic can’t be solicit for that day, something else will be in its place.

Again thank you for reading, back to making comics.