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The ebb and flow, still in production can’t really post anything yet. The current post reflects work from the thumbnail. See “E076”  third of four is currently in production. Oh yeah comics, back to the drawing board. 🙂 

*Episode 11

I have to hand to the Ben Carter and Paul Westover their recent guests Wonderalla (The Non-Adventures of Wonderalla), Roomie (Go Get a Roomie) on Woody After Hours was a nice episode. It amazing how they put this collaborative effort together; two writers, two artists on one comic.

*This Nonsense

Tumblr for Faith Erin Hicks, a cartoonist.

Hey guys, guess what today is? Today is the weekend before Labor Day weekend, and thus is the 14th anniversary of the beginning of my very first online comic. This weekend, in 1999, I posted the first chapter of my webcomic Demonology 101 online, on a website I made myself using a terrible html editor!

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*Kickstarter is b-a-nan-a-s!

Permanence: The New Album By Deathmøle

Jeph Jacques of Questionable Content is trying to make a studio album of his instrumental metal music project “Deathmøle.” Well the project was fully funded in one day or less. So now it’s been about stretch goal incentives. 

Funding period – August 11, 2013 – September 10, 2013

2,240 Backers | $70,070 pledged of $9,500 goal
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*Elmore Leonard

NPR: Remembering Elmore Leonard, A Writer Who Hated Literature

By Scott Simon

“Elmore Leonard was a writer who hated — and I don’t mean disliked; Elmore had a contempt for putting pretty clothes on hard, direct words, so I mean hated — literature, or at least what he believed a lot of people mean when they say liter-a-ture, as if it were a Members Only club.”

Mr. Leonard past away last week at the age of 87. He wrote over 40 novels, several of them became feature films where I first experience his work. Thank you for your work.

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