In between regular postings of This EMPIRE are “yesteryear” strips and sketches. 

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1st Wednesday

After a recent excursion to The James B. Hunt Jr. Library it was suggested by Toddy-J to come back for a evening of #SketchBomb-NC.  To make it even more of a dork-fest it was propose to make it the 1st Wednesday of the month similar to a local event 1st Friday. Plus Toddy-J has to bring desert 🙂 So great setting, good eats, “special” theme night of sketching. Cue to the syrupy theme music, by the way if you have a track send it over.



A project where Ryan Humphrey mix The Simpsons with Akira. Community project initiated/edited by James HarveyThe piece in today’s post is a work in progress I spent the majority of the night just gushing about what to do near the end I finally settle down 🙂 This is taken from the Marvel Epic line 1998 United States publication of Akira, Chapter 3 No. 41. In the near term I will coordinate the right page number for the Bartkira project. 


*Yes there are rules here is one of them.

– Make it awesome (see that’s simple)

Here is one example of what they trying to go for but feel free to play around a bit. 


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