Last week I discussed my deadline crunch in our infinite-multiple-alternate universes.  So last week pretty much follow this format:

“No internet, TV(oh my that hurt), going outside, until you finish your homework, young man.”

Well things are caught up (to an extent).  I did receive some good critiques, so now to start the ball rolling again. Unfortunately this week posting will be a sketch from “The Sketch Jams” I have been attending.

By the way Woody After Hours just celebrated their one year anniversary.

Congratulations Ben Carver & Paul Westwood

Here is the jest of their web comic:

Woody After Hours is a webcomic about a late night talk show in Raleigh, NC. Contrary to what you may have thought, the title is not meant to imply that the comic is, or is about, porn. Sorry.

WAH is written by Ben Carter and illustrated by Paul Westover.  There is a new comic every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. On Tuesday and Thursday Woody reviews late night talk shows such as The Tonight Show, Late Night and The Late Show. So you’re guaranteed five days of entertainment each week.

Check it out neat stuff.

Thank you for reading.