Sketch day, courtesy of the Raleigh Sketch Jam, the latest episode is postponed.  I thought I would be able to finish it up later in the week as a late posting, but that is not possible. I am thinking quick clones… yeah quick clones… could come in real handy.

“Quick Clones” from Men In Black , MiB the animated series.

*The Quick Clones, which provide perfect copies of any human being, right down to their physical abilities, memories and mannerisms… for a while, anyway. See Clone Degeneration.

*Clone Degeneration: The Quick Clones have a time limit. Once they run out of juice (or if you press the button behind their ear), they start babbling gibberish and quickly dissolve into coffee-colored gunk.

Here is the episode The Quick Clone – part 1, part 2

See no problem, maybe a little messy, but maximum productivity could be achieve. 🙂

Thank you for reading