Yeah sketch day… am I right?  This one comes from a Sketch Jam session in which I don’t know how this one came to be and where it went.  Luckily one of the attendees, Ryan Hall came up with a back story about the “sailor” being down in dumps because of his lady.  Good thing he had the company of “his mates” to drown his sorrows.

Really, true story.

By the way I caught a sneak preview of Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.  I mention this film several times over, but it was quite enjoyable.  But consumers beware this story was six volumes at it was compressed into a running time of 112 minutes I to my understanding this ending is the “film’s ending of the story.”  So yeah it skipped a bit here and there.  Also go pick up the series at your local comic book shop, book store, or library.

Unfortunately, I missed out on a meet and greet function to work on my “professional development.”  Truth be told, I would do it all over again.  I once gave up tickets to see a lecture by Rafael Viñoly to see a sneak preview of “Serenity.”

Boy was it ever fun to watch.

Pardon the dust, the site had an upgrade to Comicpress, with WordPress 3.0.  Things are in the works, and hopefully soon we will be back our regular schedule program.  Thank you for reading.