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I was so…, how about I share interesting commentary from Faith Erin Hicks, and Kevin Smith’s show Spoilers.

There has been some wonderful developments in the world of comics let me take the opportunity to highlight some projects below:

Item: Boom! Spins Off New Adventure Time Comic – Marceline And The Scream Queens#1 by Meredith Gran

It also has a backup by Koko Be Good‘s Jen Wang with variant covers by Chynna Clugston, Lucy Knisley, Ming Doyle and Colleen Coover.

“Thanks to a newfound interest in music, Princess Bubblegum joins Marceline’s paranormal rock band for a tour across the land of Ooo! But when they’re threatened by everything from scenesters to beasts born of self-doubt, can they make it to the RADDEST GIG EVER in time?!”

Say what?!! This is amazing news I have yet to jump into the world of Adventure Time, maybe (probably so) Meredith and the other talent involve will be my gate way drug 🙂

Item: John Allison, Bad Machinery moves from web to print via Oni Press.

Starting in early 2013, Oni Press will begin collecting John Allison’s popular webcomic Bad Machinery into a series of books. Allison began Bad Machinery in 2009 as an extension of his online strip Scary Go Round. This will be the first time any of the material has seen print.

Bad Machinery is a serialized comic about two rival teams of kids who investigate supernatural mysteries, often competing to solve the same case. The story is set in a fictional English town, and all the kids go to the same school. There is the girls group—Shauna, Charlotte, and Mildred—and the boys group—Jack, Linton, and Sonny—and though they each tend to start an adventure from opposite ends, they usually end up in the same place by story’s end.

I was sad to see Scary Go Round go away, but John’s creative drive didn’t end with it.  Bad Machinery is another opportunity for him to stretch his talents.  This great news I eagerly await to see how the print additions turn out.

Item: Kickstarter – Mythomania, Season 2 | A Webseries project in Los Angeles, CA by Derek Kirk Kim

About This Project

“I’ve always been frustrated with the, well, cartoony way cartoonists have been portrayed in television and film. Outside of “Crumb” and “American Splendor,” it’s rare to encounter a depiction of someone obsessed with the comic artform that has any semblance of verisimilitude. The main problem, of course, is that most of those films and shows were not created by cartoonists. Mythomania is a show about cartoonists by a cartoonist.”

– Derek Kirk Kim

Season 1 was excellent with 4 days remaining I lend some support to see season 2 happen.  This is only my second time backing a Kickstarter project, go or no go I am glad to help out in some way.


Thank you for reading, back to making comics.