Goodness gracious these past weeks have been topsy turvy on epic portions.  Unfortunately this “interruption” has taken place during the current storyline Worlds Collide.” The way these strips will shape up is two to three more strips to wrap that portion up, with some much needed post commentary.

When things go awry, a sketch is use to be a “commercial break, admission, etc.” This one was completed during a “Sketch Jamz” session at a local coffee and spirits venue. Justin Yang hooked me up with a brush pen.  Oh my goodness yes it says calligraphy, consider this me getting my feet wet before my “kung fu” develops into using pencil, ink, brush, and quill.

Usually there would be a nice little preview (edited) for viewing, alas no, it’s so close to being done, and so far from it I talk myself out of showing it.

By the way here is some commentary from Daniel Lecky from Sketch Jamz, post about his experiences at this year’s Heroes Convention June 4th through the 6th.

Also, I came across an interesting post by Jason Brubaker, writer/artist for reMIND, a graphic novel to be publish with help from Xeric Foundation.

Publishing Online versus Print

Great post, especially this expert

I read a great quote from Seth Godin, “The only people who should plan on making money from writing a book are people who made money on their last book. Everyone else should either be in it for passion, trust, referrals, speaking, consulting, change-making, tenure, connections or joy.”

So, If your goal is to make a living with a newly started graphic novel career, then stop. Just quit while you’re ahead. Stop before you’ve wasted a month of your life laboring over it only to realize that it’s going to take a lot more work than you are passionate enough to spend. If you’re not in it for one of the reasons above then please, PLEASE, FOR THE LOVE OF EVERYTHING HOLY, JUST STOP NOW. I DON”T WANT TO READ YOUR HEARTLESS COMIC EVEN IF YOU FINISH IT.

How true, true indeed. We got to what we do for the love, even without being rewarded for it.

Next week comic update, or something.  The momentum needs to continue, and thank you for reading