In between regular postings of This EMPIRE are “yesteryear” strips and sketches. 

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%-} #Sketchbomb-NC / Comic Meet-Up

Pardon no new comic post things are in the works but murky developments between the matter universe and the anti-matter universe has cause some disruptions getting some new comics out. 

A couple of weeks ago Marko and I made to a local comic meet-up headed up by Derrick Freeland and Max Miller DowdleAbove is one of the comics that was done for the night theme joyous insanity that is “Panel & Pass.” Essentially, an artist begins a page by drawing a panel, then passes the page to another artist to draw the next panel.  Mark felt the comic really showed a good effort by everyone. 

More comics here… 

Last week’s #Sketchbomb-NC had a change of venue from Morning Times to the recently completed James B. Hunt Library. I had the wonderful opportunity to attend two tours to the building while it was under construction. Marko gave us a tour of the building, and I had to touch everything. This may look odd but I had to see if it’s a real building. This project was unique collaboration between Snøhetta and Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee (now apart of Clark Nexsen).

Recently the building was a receipt of 2013 AIA/ALA Library Building Awards.

Note this is a library any tomfoolery can be done in various closed meeting rooms of the building I am just speaking from an awkward experience, I was bit too geeky 🙂 By the way Toddy-J gave the best smack down of the evening.

%-} Heroes Convention 31st year

Heroes Aren't Hard To Find


“HEROES CONVENTION was founded in 1982 by Shelton Drum, owner of Charlotte’s Heroes Aren’t Hard To Find comics shop. Since then the convention has become famous for its comics-first and family-friendly atmosphere, where fans can mingle directly with professionals and exhibitors.” 

I will not be able to make it I really wanted to go but things won’t swing my way this year. Once again an amazing lineup of writers, artists, exhibitors, companies. Hope you can make it out always a blast. #HeroesCon

Thank you for reading, back to making comics.