In between regular postings of This EMPIRE are “yesteryear” strips.  These segments will hopefully provide some interesting vignettes into Niall and Jamal past.

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Pardon not having a new comic posted today, but here’s another vignette of the Jamal and Niall past escapades.  Part of the delay was to parallel world scheduling conflicts and my own writing sense abilities.  The strip in question had me at one point “banging my head on the desk due.”  It’s based on those past experiences that some can relate to; from what I heard well bringing it up can be a little raw…  I will be sure edit this post later in the evening to show the development.

Item: Young Justice – The Cartoon Network showing another animated series based on the DC Universe.

Young Justice (TV series) focuses on the lives of a group of teenaged superhero sidekicks and protégés attempting to establish themselves as proven superheroes and as teenagers dealing with adolescent issues grounded in the context of their personal lives.

Well, some time ago there was this hilarious book by Todd Dezago, Peter David, Todd Nauck called Young Justice featuring Robin, Impulse and Superboy.  The book  eventually ended with Titans/Young Justice: Graduation Day when the team form the new Teen Titans.

Condensed  version courtesy of Wikipedia – Young Justice (Comic book)

To my understanding “Angsty Poet” Phil Bourassa worked on character designs for the new series check out his deviant art page it features some solid work from the series, and other projects.

Speaking of Deviant Art, I am in works of updating my account feel free to check out.  I haven’t been active on it for quite a  while because I was trying put create a backlog of work of the web comic for show and tell on the page.  Well during conservations with others that was probably a misstep.  So now I will try to update the account on more regular interval featuring the web comic, illustrations, sketches, and other opportunities.

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Below is the preview of episode 33 also I enjoyed full house at the Raleigh Sketch Jam.  Good times all around.

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