Happy New Year…

I drew a sketch…?  Last weeks strip, “Holiday Break” came out later than expected, and the holidays put things pretty hectic on my end.  Pardon that mishap.  “Holiday” took a slight detour on the road to development due to last minute script changes which put the production on hold.  Thanks goodness the editor pointed out the need to revise the dialogue.  Word to wise:  proof reading is one our fundamentals.

The current strip is in development and should be up next week.  Hopefully sketches as shown above could be good supplement material when these mishaps occur.  This sketch of the comic leads Jamal & Niall came about from coffee and draw sessions that recently started in my area. At first these sessions was a bit intimating several of attendees I know of their work for several years, and here we are sketching away with some critiquing, a lot insight.  These sessions have become now good sketch, bad sketch, whatever you here to learn, share, and grow.  Plus you get to flavor some good coffee, and experience some good camaraderie.

But yeah it would be really great to see a strip. Oh yeah I know the interface on the comic is a bit off. I know… oops.

Thank you for reading.