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In my relative short time I still keep hearing many different viewpoints on when, how the real knowledge, experience, work, developments in one’s profession and begins on a project.

“Much ado is made about the difference between architecture school and the architectural workplace, or the practice of architecture.  Much of this noise is about the chasm of knowledge between the two: why so vast?  Is there no way to teach at least some of this workplace stuff in college?”

Lulu Brown

Architecture school is about you.

Architectural workforce is not about you.  

Source: Intern 101: The difference between school and work    
  • Phase 1: Pre-Design/Programming
  • Phase 2:  Schematic Design (also called SD)
  • Phase 3: Design Development (also called DDs)
  • Phase 4: Construction Documents (also called CDs)
  • Phase 5: Construction Administration (also called CA)
  • Phase 6: As-Builts/Record Drawings
Source: Intern 101: Ph-ph-ph-phases 

“Getting projects built requires strong alliances between the client, engineers, and architect, as well as good collaboration with city government. Architecture is not a solitary pursuit.”

“…But we do manage to find clients who share our view of architecture as an adventure. We have a longing to experiment with space, bring out the site’s potential, and speculate on possibilities for rethinking conventions.”

 – Jürgen Mayer H. Architect

Listed below are couple of comics about the architecture profession.

Archimatects, by  il Pelicano

Architextsby Joker & Maverick

“…we are sure you will be able to relate to the situations and hi-jinks that occur.”


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