There will be no comic this week for This EMPIRE, elsewhere in the multiverse a group I work with Young Architect’s Forum finished up this past weekend the second round of bus benches for the city known as Have A Seat.

The Young Architect’s Forum of AIA Triangle’s community service project began in 2008 when Henry Newell, a local intern architect, read an article in the News & Observer detailing the lack of seats or shelter at bus stops around the Triangle. A mear 25% of these bus stops have benches and less than 10% have shelters. With this inspiration in mind, YAF set out to make a difference through the design and building bus benches.

Here is an online album the project’s development.

Previous benches were located:

Site 1: Dacian Road & Glenbrook Drive







Site 2: Rush Street & Hammond Business Park







This year’s benches are located at:

Site 3:  Fairview and Oberlin

Site 4:   Corner of Clark and Bellwood (near the Cameron Village Library)

The program the goal was to provide a desperately needed service to the public and enrich the discourse between a community and local architects.

How does one get the opportunity to do these projects? Well it’s pretty simple; just show up and offer to help anyway you can.  It’s going to take a lot to get the project accomplish. You’re going to make a lot of mistakes along the way.  I am not the most adept to working in a materials lab.  There also a budget, design criteria, review meetings all for the greater good. This has been a good opportunity to take an idea from conception to fabrication, to get “one’s hand dirty.”

Pardon the interruption with updates for This EMPIRE. Back to making comics.


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