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The bi-weekly comic posting of This EMPIRE might-not-be (goodness gracious) happening this week. So in meantime listed below are some wonderful news. 

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1% of an 8-hour work day is 4.8 minutes. Over the course of a traditional 2,080-hour work year, it amounts to just 20 hours per person. 

Potential impact
If every architecture professional in the U.S. committed 1% of their time to pro bono service, it would add up to 5,000,000 hours annually – the equivalent of a 2,500-person firm, working full-time for the public good.

Source: The 1% pro bono design program of Public Architecture

Local(ly) News – Sir Walter Raleigh Awards for Community Appearance 

This is the 30th year anniversary of the Sir Walter Raleigh Awards for Community Appearance recognizing outstanding new contributions to the character, environment and appearance of the City ofRaleigh. Since 1983, the Raleigh City Council has presented more than 200 Sir Walter Raleigh Awards to developers, designers, building owners, community groups, civic clubs, churches and citizens. 

Once again AIA Triangle’s Young Architects Forum submitted their community outreach project “Have-a-Seat” for consideration. 

The Young Architect’s Forum of AIA Triangle’s community service project began in 2008 when Henry Newell, a local intern architect, read an article in the News & Observer detailing the lack of seats or shelter at bus stops around the Triangle. A mere 25% of these bus stops have benches and less than 10% have shelters. With this inspiration in mind, YAF set out to make a difference through the design and building bus benches. 

The project was awarded “Volunteer Initiative,” For groups who have created and implemented pro bono projects that improve the appearance and environment of our city. 

Many thanks to the project partners: City of Raleigh Capital City Lumber, Habitat for Humanity of Wake County, North Carolina State University Materials Lab, Alphin Design Build, Powder Coat USA, Clark Lee Patterson. 

This wasn’t the first time 2010 Sir Walter Raleigh Awards 

Have A Seat -Rush Street/HammondBusinessPark, Glenbrook Drive/Dacian Road

Category: Community
Location: Team TUSH Rush Street / Hammond Business Park; Team CUBE Glenbrook Drive / Dacian Road
Project Partners: Young Architects Forum of the American Institute of Architects, City of Raleigh Public Works Department—Transit Division, North Carolina State University Materials Lab

Jury Comments:
Great public service…whimsical…shows thought about how these would be used as well as look…nice to have members of the community identify a need and jump in to address it…hopefully will serve as an inspiration for areas through the city. 


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