Technically it’s still Wednesday, pardon the late comic update.  This particular strip went to several, several rewrites to get the dialogue right yet it still doesn’t feel right (panel 5).  I was able to finish up inking the strip during the regular “Sketch Jam” sessions.  This latest story arc seems cohesive for all intent and purposes.  The journey continues.

During the course of evening there was another sketch session in progress, “Raleigh Drink ‘n’ Draw.”  I recognize several of the attendees, one in particular, Paul Friedrich of Onion Head Monster & Hellcar.

By the way check the latest work from some of the attendees of the Sketch Jam Ryan and Justin started:

Ryan Hall

Images from the upcoming game Sacred Seasons 2, also he’s open for commissions.

Daniel Lecky

New sketchbook images, nice rendering of the Iron Man suitcase armor.

Justin Yang

Inking of Juggernaut vs. Colossus,

Eagerly waiting to see one member’s project which is still in the development phase.  Great stuff all around, and constantly pushing me to up my game. Good times.

Thank you for reading.