Not really, the holiday break put things off kilter for today’s strip.  Above is a sketch for the local Raleigh Sketch Jam sessions I have been attending.  My attendance has dropped off in the recent weeks due sporadic events on parallel worlds / multi-verse convergences.

The sketch is an attempt at rendering Deadpool (some more information), man I enjoy that comic during Joe Kelly, Ed McGuinness run.  I missed out on Gail Simone Agent X approach.

*Honorable mentions (contributors) Jimmy Palmiotti, Christopher Priest

Currently Daniel Way, Paco Medina, and Carlo Barberi have been some doing good work on the current volume.

I eagerly await the film starring Ryan Reynolds as Wade Wilson.  It might be a long wait there’s that whole Hal Jordan / Green Lantern film production coming out very soon.

By the way you have seen the trailer for Green Lantern: The Movie to be release in 2011?

During the holiday break I had the chance to visit my old comic shop Heroes Aren’t Hard to Find.  It seems every time I come to Charlotte I have to visit the store.  Stock up on supplies and pick up a couple of comics (actually a lot of them).  Good times all around.

Thanks for reading, and keep the comments coming.